Despite the ongoing evolution of video formats, some remain in existence at the same time. As far as video formats go, everybody has their own preferences. After Safari’s support for WebM playback in IOS 15 and macOS Big Sur, WebM To Mp4 becomes one of the most talked-about formats in the video world again.

As a result, popular video-sharing websites like YouTube host this sort of content. However, there are also issues. If you’re using a phone, PC, or Windows, you may have trouble playing WebM videos since your device doesn’t support them. This necessitates the conversion of WebM videos to a more universally accepted format, such as MP4. Is there a way for converting WebM to an MP4 file then?

WebM and MP4 are two different formats of video. MKV served as the foundation for the development of the WebM video format. The video is compressed using VP8 or VP9 codecs.  The audio is compressed using Vorbis or Opus codecs. The codecs that compress MP4 include MPEG4, H.264, or HEVC, while AAC is typically used for the audio stream in MP4 files.

WebM To Mp4 :Pros of WebM

  • The smaller size is a consideration.

  • It’s free.

  • Using only a few computer functions, the video codec in WebM can both compress and decompression data.

  • The Internet was used to deliver the video stream.

Con: Most portable devices cannot play WebM movies.

WebM To Mp4 :Pros of MP4

  • Exceptional adaptability. Most gadgets can play MP4 files.

  • When compared to other formats, this one has a considerably better compression ratio and a smaller file size while maintaining the same quality.
  •  Internet streaming is permitted.

  •  Concerning a video editor, editing is tough and privacy may be easily compromised. Furthermore, MP4 is a lossy compression format, which means that the original quality cannot be totally preserved.

Because of this, MP4 is the clear winner in terms of overall performance.

How to preserve the highest possible quality while converting WebM To Mp4

Make use of WinX Video Converter

Because it preserves the original video quality while converting WebM files to MP4, WinX Video Converter is one of the best tools for this task. There will be no degradation in visual quality. In addition, it has a real-time processing speed of 47X quicker than the previous generation. Additionally, it greatly decreases the file size of videos—by as much as 90%—thereby freeing up valuable storage space on your mobile devices.

  • Click “+Video” to begin loading. You may also accomplish this by dragging and dropping.

  • In the “Output Profile” window, select “MP4 H.264+AAC” from the “General Video” drop-down menu.

  • The final step is to press the “RUN” button to begin the conversion.

WebM To Mp4 : Make use of the HandBrake

To convert videos, you may use HandBrake, a free application. There are many alternatives to choose from. However, its user interface is a bit more complicated, and thus the advanced settings will be more convenient for those who are more familiar with the software. Let’s see how to do it:

  • “File” option-> “Open” is the first step in the process. WebM video files may be uploaded this way.

  • The second step is to choose “MP4” from the “Presets” drop-down menu.

  • Finally, click “Encode” to begin the process.

Use Zamzar 

Video conversion service Zamzar may be used online. If you don’t sign up for a monthly membership, it can only transcode videos less than 50 MB. Using it, you may convert WebM files to MP4 as follows:

  • Adding a WebM movie is as simple as clicking “Add Files.”

  • Step two: Select MP4 as output format by clicking “Convert To.”

  • To begin the process of converting WebM to MP4, click the “Convert Now” button.

How can I reduce the size of the video file even more?

Many additional options are available to assist you to minimise the size of your video files. WinX Video Converter serves as an example here. Consider the codec when selecting an output format. A video format with the H.265 codec can be used to compress a file that was originally encoded in H.264 at a faster rate. Cropping images is also a simple process that may be carried out. You can also omit segments of the video that are superfluous.

In addition, you have the option of modifying the parameter. Most people will lower the resolution. Changes in the bit rate must be handled cautiously since a substantial change might make the movie unwatchable. Additionally, you should be aware that video playback may not be as smooth as it was before you made frame rate modifications.

How can I know which MP4 codec is best for my needs?

H.264 and HEVC are the most used codecs for MP4 video files. H.264 is utilized for Blu-ray discs and streaming sources, whereas the first is used for video playing on the internet. It’s also possible to capture and watch a video at 4Kor 8K using HEVC. A higher compression rate is achieved by H.264 than MPEG4, whereas HEVC is higher than both of these methods together. You are free to choose your own selection of codec.


Nowadays, there are a lot of WebM to MP4 converters to select from. Compared to other video converters, WinX Video Converter provides superior quality, speed, and file size. Experienced players and novices alike can benefit from it. A handBrake is a good option if you’re an experienced video processor, but you’ll lose some quality when converting. Online converters like Zamzar are also an option for those who have video files that are too tiny to upload directly.